The Great Work


This is all become part of the great work you’re waking me up humanity to the divine within. Greenlight was the first step, the easiest now for the hard part. Awaken humanity to their divine essence. Ringing a soul heart mind and body together.

The new age, the fifth age takes us into the fifth dimension please be on time and space, the Murphy Field, the spiritual government and that is where I am Kinda work awake and you know heart one heart at a time with breath.

The Gayan 1242


Creating a spiritual, sustainable, sovereign, community. 

A new level of understanding is entering our consciousness. This is the year of 2022 and a gathering of community. The earth has passed into a new age and we with it. It is the golden age of the heart. I AM has prepared us for this time.  It is the organization of our times. We are fostering real relationships with our soul family. We are the co-creators of the new golden age. If you are feeling the call then heed the call. The universe is watching protecting and helping us. The universe, the spiritual government and the unseens are assisting. We have waited a long time for this and we’re ready for the cosmic reunion and are sending out cosmic pulses to find each other. Unity weaving together, advancement of the planet, reconstruction of the spiritual world and the Golden ray creation await us.


A sacred place high in the Rockies, sacred water Spins 3 vortices Tabernash Vortex 3 sisters guardian of the water Tabernash’s fire Toward the One The Spirit of Guidance

It is called Tabernash’s Fire, for they believed humanity is awakening to the Divine within.

Tabernash’s Fire As Billy worked on the logs, he didn’t think much about the nature of his being.

Never talk up Billy was beginning to wonder if he had done the right thing by wintering in the high mountain basin.

He used Tabernash’s fire to warm himself while he worked on the logs through the winter.

For his cabin, Billy chose a site over an ancient fire pit, Tabernash’s Fire.

It troubled the people Billy had built his dwelling over the ancient fire but seeing Tabernash’s Fire in everything, they believed there was plenty to share.

In the divine marriage, you bring the opposites together in peace and harmony, something more significant than two parts-be the divine-human, in perfect balance between heaven and earth experiencing both but of neither.

The stones remain in the stream as the water flows over them, stationary in the running water, but over the years, worn smooth, one molecule at a time.

Water is the running Chi of the earth, building and destroying, and watering the crop.

Our brain works because of water; our heart beats because of water.

Stones give life to the river, and the water gives life to the stones from rocks to pebbles the softness of the water wears away the stone.

There are certain things that the Divine Feminine embodies: mother, void, creation, womb, birth, sex, passion, dark, unconditional love, intuition, wisdom, kind, gentle, playful, joyous, and all-knowing.

The Divine Masculine has similar traits: father, light, strength, sexual, light consciousness, protective, unconditional love, knowledge, courage, provider, responsive, peaceful, visionary, and prophetic.

The world has lost the Divine Feminine; it has also lost the Divine Masculine — both suffer under the current (2008) situation.

The Divine Feminine returns with the Divine Masculine to join hands in partnership and love in our hearts and lives.

As I marry the Divine pair in my heart and let the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine in, I become more incredible than I already am.

The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine as ONE.

The Cosmic Mother — Form from spirit and Creator of all things, times, And spaces on Mother Earth.

Darkness and light in union, The unity chakra embracing both the light and darkness.

Success brings the light.

Light equals love—the union of the duality in color, Oneness here in our bodies.

I am anchoring the Divine Feminine into the Earth and in my body.

Now is the time for the Divine Feminine to awaken from sleep.

Heaven on Earth is the embodiment of the Divine Feminine merging with the Sacred Masculine in our souls, marrying with our bodies, and forming the Grail.

The Divine Feminine comes from the universe’s dark place: the void, the zero point, the null.

The Divine Feminine is of the Earth.

To anchor the Divine Feminine, incorporate her back into the life equation and balance with the Divine Masculine.

Anchor the Divine Feminine into the Earth our body, reawaken all the old sacred spots on the Earth that have been de-activated or changed.

All in Oneness in perfect balance with the cosmos and embracing the Divine Feminine and Masculine in perfect joyful harmony in our bodies as God I Am.

God, I Am the Divine Whole: Father, Mother, and the Old Divine Feminine in balance with the Divine Masculine.

The women held the mysteries while the men held the Light.

It was a powerful time when Earth and sky met here on Earth, and man and woman walked together: each balancing and providing for one another; loving one another; and all was in Oneness, peace, joy, and harmony.

Once the matter was created from the Light, the spirit dwells within.

The divine balance of the cosmos when Light and dark are at peace.

Dark and Light are ONE.

From the Darkness, the Light arose.

The lights began to sing, and with each action grew lighter, even increasing the Light of the universe.

And from the Light and shadow came polarity giving the world form in the way of matter.

This reality you are in cannot exist without light and darkness.

Just like Light, Dark exists to support Light and Light lives to support Dark.

The feminine is from the void, the darkness, and the masculine is from the Sun, the Light.

I can experience as light beings in our bodies now.

Bring the divine source energy into the body and transform it and amplify it, transferring it to the Earth for her enlightenment.

You are the creator of this love and use love to create the experience of returning to the source.

You are the Light, and Earth is the Light.

It is all done with the Light.

God manifested into the matter, creating heaven and Earth.

The dark side is fixed in the old reality tunnel and does not see the Light.

The Lightworkers and the Earth workers are busy creating the new and moving the Earth into the new.

The Emerald has come to Earth, and the Light is reawakening.

It will take away the darkness and expand the Light.

The accurate picture is that we are spiritual Light experiencing life as we created it on Earth.

We created it and made ourselves forget so we could remember who we are — infinite spiritual Light beings bringing enlightenment to all.

I create both the Light and the shadow.

Use the Light that does not cast shadows, the clear Light.

This Light comes from everywhere; it has no direction.

Breathe the Cosmic Fire into the heart, hold expand, breathing out Light into oneness.

Returning of the Light.

The darkness disappears, Light expanding along lei lines, lighting the solar disk—the Light-bearer.

My life is intensely positive, with constant forward divine evolutionary movement with a continuous balanced awareness of divine direction, always connected to the divine guidance, always connected to the divine plan, my sacred councils, masters, guides, ascended master’s and messenger guides all others.

God’s presence with the power of grace and ease will you manifest the essence of the performance and affect and embodiment of the highest and most divine possibilities of the I AM U University so that the power of God can be manifested fully in my experience.

Life is light; your body is light; your body is your temple—a temple of God.

When you see everything as perfection, the Light outshines all shadows.

Awaken to the Light.

Behold the Light.

Become the Light.

Every word is a God word spoken by God and goes out to the world as vibrating energy.

Choose the words carefully because they are light.

We are the light manifest in the flesh.

Our body is light, the light of God manifest.

Whether we’re on a tiny beam of Light or the Light of the great Central Sun, we are all Light; vibrating at different frequencies depending upon the words we choose.

See everything as perfect; speak everything as perfect, perfect in Light.

One Light is all on a journey to becoming the clear Light.

Shine brightly into the night and bring forth the truth; we are light beings.

It is many colors that come from one Light.

In the clear Light comes all the forms.

“I am the light,” repeat this until you become the Light.

You are the Light.

The divine Light is shining brighter and illuminating all things.

You see things in this new Light.

Shedding the old skins moving into the Light.

Light illumes the way.

But Tabernash’s fire was patient and knew as the new man looked into the flames he would begin to become aware of himself and the fire that burns in each.

Cat Who Killed Eagle Cat Who Killed Eagle looked into the fire.

She was back in the wikiup with her baby, Cat Who Killed Eagle, staring at the fire with all its secrets.

Cat Who Killed Eagle lived many summers by that fire growing up.

The leaves turned yellow on the aspen ten times when Cat Who Killed Eagle’s grandfather talked about the fire.

Aspen sat at the back of the teepee and watched the fire and Cat Who Killed Eagle.

Being Water

Creating Movement
page1image50088016BE WATER.
We are formless
We are shapeless
We can flow fast or slow
We can crash like a wave
We are the Ocean Source
We are a drop
We are the rivers and the streams We can wear down solid rock
We can flow over any obstacles.

Hazrat Inayat Khan: “Mystics, therefore, for thousands of years have practiced control of the breath: its balance, its rhythm, the expanding, lengthening, broadening, and centralizing of the breath.” “It is not only a matter of knowing the theory, but it requires an understanding of it. That is why the adepts, the mystics, do not consider breathing only as a science or as an exercise; they consider it as the most sacred thing, as sacred as religion. And to accomplish this breathing, a discipline is given by a teacher.”

The Sacred Feminine is coming back into balance with the masculine. The Cosmic Fire is calling to us and asking us to remember our soul’s purpose and mission in life. Our purpose is not to become more prosperous or more powerful but to remember who we really are. We are not puppets and slaves; we are spiritual beings fulfilling our destiny. The Heart/Mind awakens and creeps up the backbone. Will you have the cosmic orgasm, or will you stop it and follow the fathers?

 The Divine Feminine comes from the dark place of the universe: the void, zero point, and the null. It came from nothing and congealed the matter into form. The Divine Feminine is of the Earth. To anchor the Divine Feminine, we must incorporate her back into the life equation and bring her into “pono” with the Divine Masculine. We are anchoring the Divine Feminine into the earth and in our bodies. We had forgotten how it was when the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine were in “pono” in our bodies. We have lived so long in our left-brain that I think the stuff that comes from our right brain is nonsense. We honor the Divine Feminine that is written. First, search and seek her. It is another way of being non-linear, intuitive, and spontaneous.

Consciousness is awakening from the dream. There are more realities than the one presented. Every day I learn more about the subtle energies and the power of love, gratitude, and our inter-connectedness. The universe (spirit), science, religion, and spirituality are all saying the same thing. We are ONE. The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine as ONE. The primary way to honor this in your life is through joy. So have fun and enjoy life. Be grateful for the things you have. Let go of judgments/judging and limiting beliefs. Now is the time, the lost knowledge of the ages is being revealed to all who will listen.

 You’re now in the moment of creation moving from the world of effects to the world of causes. When you opened your heart, it opened you to this new world. Not really a new world, it has always been here, you can only see it with your heart. Your higher self will guide you if you ask. Be open, connect with your heart, and breathe it in. There is a lot of stuff going on in the world and pay no attention is as it is still operating in the old reality. Remain in the now and co-create the new reality I am in right now. Co-create all with love of the divine. Do it in God. From God’s space, everything is possible.

Downloads of information Sacred Feminine and Divine Masculine joining of the two opposites as One in our hearts. The Sun. Father, Mother, and Son. I learned ceremonies and how to plant our seeds and how to let go after planting our seeds. Then be PATIENT and wait for the seeds to grow. Movement. Toning. Meditation. Community. Where do I go that is beyond Oneness — Too Gatherness? Is the marrying of the Divine Female and the Divine Male within our temple, make love to one’s self. “Ahhhh.” Brought together within. AMAZING. Love your body. Stop the guilt. Stop the shame. Everything is perfect. A column of light. As above, so below. Unity Chakra. The goldenseal above and below and the torus. The dark seeks the light.

We are moving from Gnostic into Cosmic Wisdom, from experiencing the Divine to becoming the Divine. The ancient knowledge of the Gnostic era carries with it the prejudices and beliefs of that time, and when it is brought into the modern age, many are no longer appropriate. i.e., the equal place of all beings as opposed to the “hierarchy of heaven.” Oneness compared to the Yahweh of the Old Testament. The new cosmic knowledge returns us to our source and reveals how we can apply it to our lives on earth. As light beings, we are experiencing this time/space becoming conscious of that which we are, the co-creator of creation. When we come to realize we are not limited by time/space and that we live in a non-local universe and have access to all of the knowledge of the cosmos and to accomplish this we study our body and find out everything we know about self. Our body is our book opening to ourselves self that is the universe to the universe. We are One. We are limitless. We create our meaning.

Welcome Home

There’s a whole cosmic tapestry within your heart that you can tap into and ignite dreams into being. When your heart is aligned in action and resonance, you will unite in symphony with creation.” Tania Marie

I love my body. I honor my body. This is what it is all about this time: to do this in our bodies. We have all done it in spirit, now is the time to physically do it. Bring in the light and become the light beings we indeed are. The vehicle to do this is our body. The patriarchs have so despised the body. They torture and kill the heart because they are so afraid of their bodies.

Our role is to nourish just as the I Ching said. How do I stop the swing of the pendulum from light to dark and stay in unity? The Lady says the Buddhists come the closest to being right. Enjoy it. Enjoy life. You created it so enjoy the fruits of your labors. Enjoyment is one of the highest emotions and feelings. I can experience as light beings in our bodies now. Happiness is in the moment, the now. You don’t get enjoyment out of the future or the past; it is only right now that you get satisfaction.

By supporting the whole, we help ourselves. By offering your brother your hand, you are giving yourself a lift up. By accepting and loving your own shadow, you love and accept the shadow of the U.S., I create both the light and the shadow. They are both parts of the same whole. We all are going to make it. In fact, we are all making it.

We are spiritual beings in a human sack. All of this is necessary to experience the variations of existence.

“Many parents seem to be forgetting the importance of teaching children about their intrinsic connection to the earth and their role in protecting the planet for future generations…”

By guest writer Alexandra Du Toit

To teach our children at an early age to keep the right thoughts.

We are moving from fear-based communities to communities that love and support the whole being. Love is going to be the final answer — unconditional love with no expectation or judgment. Being the observer and participant without buying into the feeling of hopelessness and despair.

reality is quantum meaning everything is possible in each moment

Many times you have been here. Many roles you have played. This time you play no part but are the creator of the outcome. You are in control. You can choose whether it is hot or cold, loving or hating, or love and peace. The choice is yours, and by your decision, you will be known.

 Follow your heart and listen to nature. The crystals are talking to you. All the crystals were hidden with their knowledge now returning to you. The animals speak. Your heart speaks. What is it saying? You have left all your old programs behind, but there are still residuals. Clear. Clear. Clear. I am peace, harmony, love, happiness, and joy.

 “Harmony and peace, love, and joy surround me and indwell in me. I am safe and secure.” – Louise Hays

Earth. Air. Fire. Water. The four breaths are represented by the four elements as in the Ancient tradition. Each part takes a physical form. Air is a zigzag and gaseous. Fire is rising upward and is plasma. Water is flowing downward and is liquid. Earth is spreading out and is solid.

Air – Cooling (in mouth / out mouth)

Fire – Melting / Vaporizing (in mouth / out nose)

Water – Washing / Polishing (in nose / out mouth)

Earth – Sorting / Filtering (in nose / out nose)

“Tasawurri, what can you tell me about this?” The four elements are everywhere, and breath is everywhere. It is what ties us in with all things. It is one of the things you don’t think about but is absolutely necessary for survival. By changing how you breathe, you change the way you feel. Pay attention to the breath. How do you usually breathe? Does it change under different circumstances? How can you utilize these breaths to further your life?

Breathe deeply and feel what is going on inside your body. If something as easy as the breath can change your moods, then use it. Breathe easiness into your life. Breathe whatever you want into your life. Breathing is connected to manifesting. I create with every breath.

 Worry not about the direction: observe only the moment. You do not know what the future brings, so how can you worry about the route? Direction has no point in the 5th dimension, everything is everywhere at once. It is all happening now. That is why you need to pay attention to the moment. That is where creativity is. It is not in the direction or the destruction but at this very moment. How do you approach the moment? With presence, be here now, not daydreaming about the future or reliving the past. Everything that comes to you at the moment is extraordinary — uniquely yours. Out of everyone in the universe, this experience is only yours — just for you. You can share it with someone, but they cannot directly experience as you have.

Heart Rhythm Meditation

 “Never forget that you are one of a kind. Never forget that if there weren’t any need for you in all your uniqueness to be on this earth, you wouldn’t be here in the first place. And never forget, no matter how overwhelming life’s challenges and problems seem to be, that one person can make a difference in the world. In fact, it is always because of one person that all the changes that matter in the world come about. So be that one person.” ―Buckminster Fuller


I think I do Minfulness all the time.  I try to live by the practices of love and forgiveness.  I don’t always succeed.  No matter how much I have learned, how much meditating, I’ve done there are still hot spots on my heart that I have yet to heal.  No matter how much purifying I have done there is always someone or something out there that can get my goat.  Right now my goat is Trump.  Ever since the ’60s, I have been invested in politics. I kind of feel silly when I run across an old letter I had written to “the man.”  Still, I find it hard to not pay attention to the unfolding. I don’t pick sides as much. I find the “alt-right” or whatever very hard to stomach.  Then I turn around, and the “radical left” is doing the same thing.  I have been reading a lot about balance and the middle pillar and the alchemy of 3.  Balance seems to be the way.  It’s nice to forgive; it just feels good on the heart.  I am not saying it is easy.  It took years for me to work through my parents, siblings, etc.  I had lots of grudges. But now looking back it all seems entirely different.  The drama and trauma has been removed and transmuted into gratitude for the beautiful lessons I have learned 



Welcome to Cosmic Kindergarten 101, I am Omar.  I remember my first 101 that I took as an online course many years ago, 12 to be exact.  I really did not know what to expect.  I had read the book and listened to a couple of CDs.  I did not have a regular meditation practice.  That first introduction to Heart Rhythm Meditation showed me the basics and started me on the Journey into Heart Rhythm Meditation.  I do not have the time in this short introduction to tell you about all the things that have happened over the intervening years, but it has been fantastic.  HRM works on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels and I can truthfully say I have grown so much in all the areas I don’t know if I would recognize my old self. My relationships have improved, my health is better, I can really say I feel in peace and comfort with this organization; so welcome to the Institute of Applied Meditation and the I AM University.  This is going to be fun, educational, instructive with hands-on experiences and real scientific and spiritual practices to open your heart.

From My heart to yours, I will be here to gently guide and help you on the path of the Heart. Let’s get going.  

Breath and Heart



“Maybe it is time to move and find an ideal place and incorporating the move into a place I could hold meditations, teaching, healing and sharing the message of Murshid that we are all divine.”

Approaching the Tree of Life through the storm. What awaits us?  The gateway into one’s heart. Starting a new frequency for 2019. This is it; we are at the turning point. The Divine blueprints for the next age, Time to keep our hearts clear and open.  Breathe free to believe a brand-new reality into being for 2019.  A school of the heart that will last 700 years.  The awakening of humanity to the divine within.

It’s time to show up. The emergence of a new consciousness……; a new lens of perception. Able to perceive everything, the tree of life in the cosmos is guiding us. The time of the tree of good and evil (duality) is over. The cosmic unseen’s are showing us with celestial events.  What a day to be reborn into the age, as a cosmic human in the inter-dimensional reality of our consciousness.

It is time to come out from behind the curtain to step in delight into all those years of attainment to actually create something substantial.  We have all been downloaded with the latest and greatest technology and mysticology and this year we are being asked to utilize it. To learn, explore and employ its new functions. This includes stepping up into the heart as we learn to view life through a multidimensional prism. One that shifts as we shift, responds to our perspective while simultaneously stepping down into the physical world and applying it.

Creating a life plan at 70 years old sounds ridiculous in light of what all that is happening in the world I really want to stay positive and believe it is all for a purpose rather than a random freak show. World changing to a new age that is affecting everything. Information overload. The air is so full of noise, fake news, disinformation, propaganda, science, truths, lies, it is desensitizing as to where it is hard to be discerning. Radicals preaching. politicians cheating   talking  wing nuts repeating messages over and over.

How in this environment do we promote the oneness of the Divine? How do we share that with the world that is programmed to distrust everything including each other. Spiritual leadership is going to address this very thing it will be very interesting. Ya Fazil

It has to be done with the heart. More heart work. Build the strength of the heart square breath, fire breath. zikr.  Political problems cannot be solved politically; every problem is caused by the solution. The way out of our problems is through them and into a new way of thinking, one that is aware of multiple states of being in multiple member dimensions of reality. There are no solutions in this duality. Solutions come from the heart.

”In a world where everything is connected and everything is driven by potential any problem is my problem. I am it. When I remember, the field, one thing is that every problem is caused by the solution. We are part of the collective collaborative consciousness. I own it and I relish the opportunity to unfold the potential of any set of circumstances that comes up in our field. It is our covenant. The covenant of a conscious universe. The only thing required of us is it we choose to be conscious or in other words aware of her reality. Presence is the essence of consciousness.” TheDance of Life Vernon Wolf.

”The awakening of the Divine Father to the Sacred Feminine, creates a loving beautiful strength, a soft authority with a stern stabilizing but also extremely supportive presence that lights the way to the material world.” Lauren Think With Your Heart

Are we really ready to let go of all the safety nets and transition to the new world as we arrived in this world naked and alone?  Letting go the 3-D move to the 5D the creation dimension.

“When we think before we act, like all we have been educated to do, we are limited to creating from the processor of the known world (repeated history) whereas if we act first we create spontaneously from the processor of the never before thought of possibility contained within our very own divine blueprint.” Lauren

True creation and unity responds to our hearts instantly through love and service shifting into a new life plan of harmony, partnership and cooperation creating a new way.

If that’s all you ever do is shine your light upon the world, that is enough.

How we experience reality depends upon the dimension of our personal consciousness that we choose to use.

Certain dimensions of human consciousness allow us to become part of the solution to everything the ails of planet.

Realizing the World



No knowledge  Unity  Non-duality


Source field



The Divine Marriage


Light and Sound

All that is, is of the One

To do requires participation at every level of our being. We must 1) spiritually aspire to our highest plan for this life (the divine blueprint), 2) mentally organize order and assemble that vision according to a practical set of steps, 3) maintain emotional neutrality as we channel fourth frequencies of the Wazifa template and 4) physically act upon each and every motivation born of the heart.

2019 is a year we enter into the multidimensional doorway and begin our journey, as co-creators of the divine will. Mastering our participation with life via the merger of our human and divine aspects. Learning to balance the heart, mind, body and soul will be a large part of the mastery practice. The bottom line is that new world consciousness can only be entered through the heart and only the love of self can unlock the door, heart first.

We are learning to weave these two realities together now to work with both our human and divine levels for both human and divine experience of life on earth keeping both aspects of ourselves in a continual perfected state of balance. The key to our success is in participating; this is no longer about sitting on the sidelines and giving our power over to universe to support, guide and show us the way, but about jumping in pushing through sticking to our guns.  This year is about learning by doing. It is time to get down and dirty with our creatorship, emerge our life force with the force of life itself. As we do we learn how to fluently wax and wane with the undulating tides of creation. Whether we are receiving in our potentiality or asserting ourselves through achievement we are shown that we are the force of creation. That when we show up to our creations our creations meet us and when we move life moves; we have to move first, ipso facto, we have to be moving order to move. Here is the best part, many of the necessary components to achieve this same trip, to thrive in a physical mastery, to ground our heart’s soul mission on earth, are becoming available to us right now at the very beginning of the year.

“Break on through to the other side” Jim Morrison

O thou, Who art the Maker, Molder and Builder of the Universe, Build with thine own hands the Institute of Applied Meditation on the Heart for the divine Message of Love, Harmony and Beauty