Hazrat Inayat Khan: “Mystics, therefore, for thousands of years have practiced control of the breath: its balance, its rhythm, the expanding, lengthening, broadening, and centralizing of the breath.” “It is not only a matter of knowing the theory, but it requires an understanding of it. That is why the adepts, the mystics, do not consider breathing only as a science or as an exercise; they consider it as the most sacred thing, as sacred as religion. And to accomplish this breathing, a discipline is given by a teacher.”

The Sacred Feminine is coming back into balance with the masculine. The Cosmic Fire is calling to us and asking us to remember our soul’s purpose and mission in life. Our purpose is not to become more prosperous or more powerful but to remember who we really are. We are not puppets and slaves; we are spiritual beings fulfilling our destiny. The Heart/Mind awakens and creeps up the backbone. Will you have the cosmic orgasm, or will you stop it and follow the fathers?

 The Divine Feminine comes from the dark place of the universe: the void, zero point, and the null. It came from nothing and congealed the matter into form. The Divine Feminine is of the Earth. To anchor the Divine Feminine, we must incorporate her back into the life equation and bring her into “pono” with the Divine Masculine. We are anchoring the Divine Feminine into the earth and in our bodies. We had forgotten how it was when the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine were in “pono” in our bodies. We have lived so long in our left-brain that I think the stuff that comes from our right brain is nonsense. We honor the Divine Feminine that is written. First, search and seek her. It is another way of being non-linear, intuitive, and spontaneous.

Consciousness is awakening from the dream. There are more realities than the one presented. Every day I learn more about the subtle energies and the power of love, gratitude, and our inter-connectedness. The universe (spirit), science, religion, and spirituality are all saying the same thing. We are ONE. The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine as ONE. The primary way to honor this in your life is through joy. So have fun and enjoy life. Be grateful for the things you have. Let go of judgments/judging and limiting beliefs. Now is the time, the lost knowledge of the ages is being revealed to all who will listen.

 You’re now in the moment of creation moving from the world of effects to the world of causes. When you opened your heart, it opened you to this new world. Not really a new world, it has always been here, you can only see it with your heart. Your higher self will guide you if you ask. Be open, connect with your heart, and breathe it in. There is a lot of stuff going on in the world and pay no attention is as it is still operating in the old reality. Remain in the now and co-create the new reality I am in right now. Co-create all with love of the divine. Do it in God. From God’s space, everything is possible.

Downloads of information Sacred Feminine and Divine Masculine joining of the two opposites as One in our hearts. The Sun. Father, Mother, and Son. I learned ceremonies and how to plant our seeds and how to let go after planting our seeds. Then be PATIENT and wait for the seeds to grow. Movement. Toning. Meditation. Community. Where do I go that is beyond Oneness — Too Gatherness? Is the marrying of the Divine Female and the Divine Male within our temple, make love to one’s self. “Ahhhh.” Brought together within. AMAZING. Love your body. Stop the guilt. Stop the shame. Everything is perfect. A column of light. As above, so below. Unity Chakra. The goldenseal above and below and the torus. The dark seeks the light.

We are moving from Gnostic into Cosmic Wisdom, from experiencing the Divine to becoming the Divine. The ancient knowledge of the Gnostic era carries with it the prejudices and beliefs of that time, and when it is brought into the modern age, many are no longer appropriate. i.e., the equal place of all beings as opposed to the “hierarchy of heaven.” Oneness compared to the Yahweh of the Old Testament. The new cosmic knowledge returns us to our source and reveals how we can apply it to our lives on earth. As light beings, we are experiencing this time/space becoming conscious of that which we are, the co-creator of creation. When we come to realize we are not limited by time/space and that we live in a non-local universe and have access to all of the knowledge of the cosmos and to accomplish this we study our body and find out everything we know about self. Our body is our book opening to ourselves self that is the universe to the universe. We are One. We are limitless. We create our meaning.

Welcome Home

There’s a whole cosmic tapestry within your heart that you can tap into and ignite dreams into being. When your heart is aligned in action and resonance, you will unite in symphony with creation.” Tania Marie

I love my body. I honor my body. This is what it is all about this time: to do this in our bodies. We have all done it in spirit, now is the time to physically do it. Bring in the light and become the light beings we indeed are. The vehicle to do this is our body. The patriarchs have so despised the body. They torture and kill the heart because they are so afraid of their bodies.

Our role is to nourish just as the I Ching said. How do I stop the swing of the pendulum from light to dark and stay in unity? The Lady says the Buddhists come the closest to being right. Enjoy it. Enjoy life. You created it so enjoy the fruits of your labors. Enjoyment is one of the highest emotions and feelings. I can experience as light beings in our bodies now. Happiness is in the moment, the now. You don’t get enjoyment out of the future or the past; it is only right now that you get satisfaction.

By supporting the whole, we help ourselves. By offering your brother your hand, you are giving yourself a lift up. By accepting and loving your own shadow, you love and accept the shadow of the U.S., I create both the light and the shadow. They are both parts of the same whole. We all are going to make it. In fact, we are all making it.

We are spiritual beings in a human sack. All of this is necessary to experience the variations of existence.

“Many parents seem to be forgetting the importance of teaching children about their intrinsic connection to the earth and their role in protecting the planet for future generations…”

By guest writer Alexandra Du Toit

To teach our children at an early age to keep the right thoughts.

We are moving from fear-based communities to communities that love and support the whole being. Love is going to be the final answer — unconditional love with no expectation or judgment. Being the observer and participant without buying into the feeling of hopelessness and despair.

reality is quantum meaning everything is possible in each moment

Many times you have been here. Many roles you have played. This time you play no part but are the creator of the outcome. You are in control. You can choose whether it is hot or cold, loving or hating, or love and peace. The choice is yours, and by your decision, you will be known.

 Follow your heart and listen to nature. The crystals are talking to you. All the crystals were hidden with their knowledge now returning to you. The animals speak. Your heart speaks. What is it saying? You have left all your old programs behind, but there are still residuals. Clear. Clear. Clear. I am peace, harmony, love, happiness, and joy.

 “Harmony and peace, love, and joy surround me and indwell in me. I am safe and secure.” – Louise Hays

Earth. Air. Fire. Water. The four breaths are represented by the four elements as in the Ancient tradition. Each part takes a physical form. Air is a zigzag and gaseous. Fire is rising upward and is plasma. Water is flowing downward and is liquid. Earth is spreading out and is solid.

Air – Cooling (in mouth / out mouth)

Fire – Melting / Vaporizing (in mouth / out nose)

Water – Washing / Polishing (in nose / out mouth)

Earth – Sorting / Filtering (in nose / out nose)

“Tasawurri, what can you tell me about this?” The four elements are everywhere, and breath is everywhere. It is what ties us in with all things. It is one of the things you don’t think about but is absolutely necessary for survival. By changing how you breathe, you change the way you feel. Pay attention to the breath. How do you usually breathe? Does it change under different circumstances? How can you utilize these breaths to further your life?

Breathe deeply and feel what is going on inside your body. If something as easy as the breath can change your moods, then use it. Breathe easiness into your life. Breathe whatever you want into your life. Breathing is connected to manifesting. I create with every breath.

 Worry not about the direction: observe only the moment. You do not know what the future brings, so how can you worry about the route? Direction has no point in the 5th dimension, everything is everywhere at once. It is all happening now. That is why you need to pay attention to the moment. That is where creativity is. It is not in the direction or the destruction but at this very moment. How do you approach the moment? With presence, be here now, not daydreaming about the future or reliving the past. Everything that comes to you at the moment is extraordinary — uniquely yours. Out of everyone in the universe, this experience is only yours — just for you. You can share it with someone, but they cannot directly experience as you have.

Heart Rhythm Meditation

 “Never forget that you are one of a kind. Never forget that if there weren’t any need for you in all your uniqueness to be on this earth, you wouldn’t be here in the first place. And never forget, no matter how overwhelming life’s challenges and problems seem to be, that one person can make a difference in the world. In fact, it is always because of one person that all the changes that matter in the world come about. So be that one person.” ―Buckminster Fuller

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