I think I do Minfulness all the time.  I try to live by the practices of love and forgiveness.  I don’t always succeed.  No matter how much I have learned, how much meditating, I’ve done there are still hot spots on my heart that I have yet to heal.  No matter how much purifying I have done there is always someone or something out there that can get my goat.  Right now my goat is Trump.  Ever since the ’60s, I have been invested in politics. I kind of feel silly when I run across an old letter I had written to “the man.”  Still, I find it hard to not pay attention to the unfolding. I don’t pick sides as much. I find the “alt-right” or whatever very hard to stomach.  Then I turn around, and the “radical left” is doing the same thing.  I have been reading a lot about balance and the middle pillar and the alchemy of 3.  Balance seems to be the way.  It’s nice to forgive; it just feels good on the heart.  I am not saying it is easy.  It took years for me to work through my parents, siblings, etc.  I had lots of grudges. But now looking back it all seems entirely different.  The drama and trauma has been removed and transmuted into gratitude for the beautiful lessons I have learned 

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