Seek not to destroy what was, nor to rebuild what is, but to build what will be





BRINGING THE CULTURE OF THE HEART TO THE WORLD is committed to bringing the consciousness of the heart to the world through Heart Rhythm Meditation, a simple meditative technique focusing on the breath and heartbeat. Heart Rhythm Meditation is a safe method beneficial to the body, not at all harmful to the nervous system. After only a few lessons in which you learn the basic technique of Heart Rhythm Meditation, you will benefit from calm alertness, a more stable heartbeat, lower blood pressure, and an overall sense of integrity between body, mind, emotions, and energy. As you develop a practice of Heart Rhythm Meditation, you will gain deeper relationships, more meaningful work, more significant accomplishments, and improved health.


  1. 2 separate breathing systems, conscious, and unconscious.
  2. Science of breath
  3. Breath is life
  4. Breath is spirit
  5. Breath is energetic
  6. Energy rides on the breath
  7. Consciousness rides on energy
  8. By changing the way you breath, you change the way you feel
  9. Focus on the heart
  10. Our hearts are energetic
  11. Breathe into the heart
  12. Coordinate breath and heartbeat
  13. Listen to your heart it will guide you