I am a healer and teacher, and I like to remind people what they have forgotten and did not learn in schools like breathing and following your heart with love harmony and beauty.

All the problems created by the mind cannot be solved with the mind. We move from the mind to the heart and into the new world consciousness of liberation, freedom compassion, love, and forgiveness.

I use a straightforward meditation technique focusing on your heart and breath called Heart Rhythm Meditation or HRM for short.

Heart Rhythm Meditation is a leader in the culture of the heart.  True creation responds to our hearts instantly by love and service shifting into a new life plan of harmony, partnership, and co-operation. Change your life. Change the world


  1. 2 separate breathing systems, conscious, and unconscious.
  2. Science of breath
  3. Breath is life
  4. Breath is spirit
  5. Breath is energetic
  6. Energy rides on the breath
  7. Consciousness rides on energy
  8. By changing the way you breathe, you change the way you feel
  9. Focus on the heart
  • Our hearts are energetic
  • Breathe into the heart
  • Coordinate breath and heartbeat
  • Listen to your heart it will guide you