A sacred place high in the Rockies, sacred water Spins 3 vortices Tabernash Vortex 3 sisters guardian of the water Tabernash’s fire Toward the One The Spirit of Guidance

It is called Tabernash’s Fire, for they believed humanity is awakening to the Divine within.

Tabernash’s Fire As Billy worked on the logs, he didn’t think much about the nature of his being.

Never talk up Billy was beginning to wonder if he had done the right thing by wintering in the high mountain basin.

He used Tabernash’s fire to warm himself while he worked on the logs through the winter.

For his cabin, Billy chose a site over an ancient fire pit, Tabernash’s Fire.

It troubled the people Billy had built his dwelling over the ancient fire but seeing Tabernash’s Fire in everything, they believed there was plenty to share.

In the divine marriage, you bring the opposites together in peace and harmony, something more significant than two parts-be the divine-human, in perfect balance between heaven and earth experiencing both but of neither.

The stones remain in the stream as the water flows over them, stationary in the running water, but over the years, worn smooth, one molecule at a time.

Water is the running Chi of the earth, building and destroying, and watering the crop.

Our brain works because of water; our heart beats because of water.

Stones give life to the river, and the water gives life to the stones from rocks to pebbles the softness of the water wears away the stone.

There are certain things that the Divine Feminine embodies: mother, void, creation, womb, birth, sex, passion, dark, unconditional love, intuition, wisdom, kind, gentle, playful, joyous, and all-knowing.

The Divine Masculine has similar traits: father, light, strength, sexual, light consciousness, protective, unconditional love, knowledge, courage, provider, responsive, peaceful, visionary, and prophetic.

The world has lost the Divine Feminine; it has also lost the Divine Masculine — both suffer under the current (2008) situation.

The Divine Feminine returns with the Divine Masculine to join hands in partnership and love in our hearts and lives.

As I marry the Divine pair in my heart and let the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine in, I become more incredible than I already am.

The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine as ONE.

The Cosmic Mother — Form from spirit and Creator of all things, times, And spaces on Mother Earth.

Darkness and light in union, The unity chakra embracing both the light and darkness.

Success brings the light.

Light equals love—the union of the duality in color, Oneness here in our bodies.

I am anchoring the Divine Feminine into the Earth and in my body.

Now is the time for the Divine Feminine to awaken from sleep.

Heaven on Earth is the embodiment of the Divine Feminine merging with the Sacred Masculine in our souls, marrying with our bodies, and forming the Grail.

The Divine Feminine comes from the universe’s dark place: the void, the zero point, the null.

The Divine Feminine is of the Earth.

To anchor the Divine Feminine, incorporate her back into the life equation and balance with the Divine Masculine.

Anchor the Divine Feminine into the Earth our body, reawaken all the old sacred spots on the Earth that have been de-activated or changed.

All in Oneness in perfect balance with the cosmos and embracing the Divine Feminine and Masculine in perfect joyful harmony in our bodies as God I Am.

God, I Am the Divine Whole: Father, Mother, and the Old Divine Feminine in balance with the Divine Masculine.

The women held the mysteries while the men held the Light.

It was a powerful time when Earth and sky met here on Earth, and man and woman walked together: each balancing and providing for one another; loving one another; and all was in Oneness, peace, joy, and harmony.

Once the matter was created from the Light, the spirit dwells within.

The divine balance of the cosmos when Light and dark are at peace.

Dark and Light are ONE.

From the Darkness, the Light arose.

The lights began to sing, and with each action grew lighter, even increasing the Light of the universe.

And from the Light and shadow came polarity giving the world form in the way of matter.

This reality you are in cannot exist without light and darkness.

Just like Light, Dark exists to support Light and Light lives to support Dark.

The feminine is from the void, the darkness, and the masculine is from the Sun, the Light.

I can experience as light beings in our bodies now.

Bring the divine source energy into the body and transform it and amplify it, transferring it to the Earth for her enlightenment.

You are the creator of this love and use love to create the experience of returning to the source.

You are the Light, and Earth is the Light.

It is all done with the Light.

God manifested into the matter, creating heaven and Earth.

The dark side is fixed in the old reality tunnel and does not see the Light.

The Lightworkers and the Earth workers are busy creating the new and moving the Earth into the new.

The Emerald has come to Earth, and the Light is reawakening.

It will take away the darkness and expand the Light.

The accurate picture is that we are spiritual Light experiencing life as we created it on Earth.

We created it and made ourselves forget so we could remember who we are — infinite spiritual Light beings bringing enlightenment to all.

I create both the Light and the shadow.

Use the Light that does not cast shadows, the clear Light.

This Light comes from everywhere; it has no direction.

Breathe the Cosmic Fire into the heart, hold expand, breathing out Light into oneness.

Returning of the Light.

The darkness disappears, Light expanding along lei lines, lighting the solar disk—the Light-bearer.

My life is intensely positive, with constant forward divine evolutionary movement with a continuous balanced awareness of divine direction, always connected to the divine guidance, always connected to the divine plan, my sacred councils, masters, guides, ascended master’s and messenger guides all others.

God’s presence with the power of grace and ease will you manifest the essence of the performance and affect and embodiment of the highest and most divine possibilities of the I AM U University so that the power of God can be manifested fully in my experience.

Life is light; your body is light; your body is your temple—a temple of God.

When you see everything as perfection, the Light outshines all shadows.

Awaken to the Light.

Behold the Light.

Become the Light.

Every word is a God word spoken by God and goes out to the world as vibrating energy.

Choose the words carefully because they are light.

We are the light manifest in the flesh.

Our body is light, the light of God manifest.

Whether we’re on a tiny beam of Light or the Light of the great Central Sun, we are all Light; vibrating at different frequencies depending upon the words we choose.

See everything as perfect; speak everything as perfect, perfect in Light.

One Light is all on a journey to becoming the clear Light.

Shine brightly into the night and bring forth the truth; we are light beings.

It is many colors that come from one Light.

In the clear Light comes all the forms.

“I am the light,” repeat this until you become the Light.

You are the Light.

The divine Light is shining brighter and illuminating all things.

You see things in this new Light.

Shedding the old skins moving into the Light.

Light illumes the way.

But Tabernash’s fire was patient and knew as the new man looked into the flames he would begin to become aware of himself and the fire that burns in each.

Cat Who Killed Eagle Cat Who Killed Eagle looked into the fire.

She was back in the wikiup with her baby, Cat Who Killed Eagle, staring at the fire with all its secrets.

Cat Who Killed Eagle lived many summers by that fire growing up.

The leaves turned yellow on the aspen ten times when Cat Who Killed Eagle’s grandfather talked about the fire.

Aspen sat at the back of the teepee and watched the fire and Cat Who Killed Eagle.

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