“Maybe it is time to move and find an ideal place and incorporating the move into a place I could hold meditations, teaching, healing and sharing the message of Murshid that we are all divine.”

Approaching the Tree of Life through the storm. What awaits us?  The gateway into one’s heart. Starting a new frequency for 2019. This is it; we are at the turning point. The Divine blueprints for the next age, Time to keep our hearts clear and open.  Breathe free to believe a brand-new reality into being for 2019.  A school of the heart that will last 700 years.  The awakening of humanity to the divine within.

It’s time to show up. The emergence of a new consciousness……; a new lens of perception. Able to perceive everything, the tree of life in the cosmos is guiding us. The time of the tree of good and evil (duality) is over. The cosmic unseen’s are showing us with celestial events.  What a day to be reborn into the age, as a cosmic human in the inter-dimensional reality of our consciousness.

It is time to come out from behind the curtain to step in delight into all those years of attainment to actually create something substantial.  We have all been downloaded with the latest and greatest technology and mysticology and this year we are being asked to utilize it. To learn, explore and employ its new functions. This includes stepping up into the heart as we learn to view life through a multidimensional prism. One that shifts as we shift, responds to our perspective while simultaneously stepping down into the physical world and applying it.

Creating a life plan at 70 years old sounds ridiculous in light of what all that is happening in the world I really want to stay positive and believe it is all for a purpose rather than a random freak show. World changing to a new age that is affecting everything. Information overload. The air is so full of noise, fake news, disinformation, propaganda, science, truths, lies, it is desensitizing as to where it is hard to be discerning. Radicals preaching. politicians cheating   talking  wing nuts repeating messages over and over.

How in this environment do we promote the oneness of the Divine? How do we share that with the world that is programmed to distrust everything including each other. Spiritual leadership is going to address this very thing it will be very interesting. Ya Fazil

It has to be done with the heart. More heart work. Build the strength of the heart square breath, fire breath. zikr.  Political problems cannot be solved politically; every problem is caused by the solution. The way out of our problems is through them and into a new way of thinking, one that is aware of multiple states of being in multiple member dimensions of reality. There are no solutions in this duality. Solutions come from the heart.

”In a world where everything is connected and everything is driven by potential any problem is my problem. I am it. When I remember, the field, one thing is that every problem is caused by the solution. We are part of the collective collaborative consciousness. I own it and I relish the opportunity to unfold the potential of any set of circumstances that comes up in our field. It is our covenant. The covenant of a conscious universe. The only thing required of us is it we choose to be conscious or in other words aware of her reality. Presence is the essence of consciousness.” TheDance of Life Vernon Wolf.

”The awakening of the Divine Father to the Sacred Feminine, creates a loving beautiful strength, a soft authority with a stern stabilizing but also extremely supportive presence that lights the way to the material world.” Lauren Think With Your Heart

Are we really ready to let go of all the safety nets and transition to the new world as we arrived in this world naked and alone?  Letting go the 3-D move to the 5D the creation dimension.

“When we think before we act, like all we have been educated to do, we are limited to creating from the processor of the known world (repeated history) whereas if we act first we create spontaneously from the processor of the never before thought of possibility contained within our very own divine blueprint.” Lauren

True creation and unity responds to our hearts instantly through love and service shifting into a new life plan of harmony, partnership and cooperation creating a new way.

If that’s all you ever do is shine your light upon the world, that is enough.

How we experience reality depends upon the dimension of our personal consciousness that we choose to use.

Certain dimensions of human consciousness allow us to become part of the solution to everything the ails of planet.

Realizing the World



No knowledge  Unity  Non-duality


Source field



The Divine Marriage


Light and Sound

All that is, is of the One

To do requires participation at every level of our being. We must 1) spiritually aspire to our highest plan for this life (the divine blueprint), 2) mentally organize order and assemble that vision according to a practical set of steps, 3) maintain emotional neutrality as we channel fourth frequencies of the Wazifa template and 4) physically act upon each and every motivation born of the heart.

2019 is a year we enter into the multidimensional doorway and begin our journey, as co-creators of the divine will. Mastering our participation with life via the merger of our human and divine aspects. Learning to balance the heart, mind, body and soul will be a large part of the mastery practice. The bottom line is that new world consciousness can only be entered through the heart and only the love of self can unlock the door, heart first.

We are learning to weave these two realities together now to work with both our human and divine levels for both human and divine experience of life on earth keeping both aspects of ourselves in a continual perfected state of balance. The key to our success is in participating; this is no longer about sitting on the sidelines and giving our power over to universe to support, guide and show us the way, but about jumping in pushing through sticking to our guns.  This year is about learning by doing. It is time to get down and dirty with our creatorship, emerge our life force with the force of life itself. As we do we learn how to fluently wax and wane with the undulating tides of creation. Whether we are receiving in our potentiality or asserting ourselves through achievement we are shown that we are the force of creation. That when we show up to our creations our creations meet us and when we move life moves; we have to move first, ipso facto, we have to be moving order to move. Here is the best part, many of the necessary components to achieve this same trip, to thrive in a physical mastery, to ground our heart’s soul mission on earth, are becoming available to us right now at the very beginning of the year.

“Break on through to the other side” Jim Morrison

O thou, Who art the Maker, Molder and Builder of the Universe, Build with thine own hands the Institute of Applied Meditation on the Heart for the divine Message of Love, Harmony and Beauty

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