The Divine Marriage


As above so below. The divine Marriage, the alchemical blending of the two, the light and the dark, the male and the female, the sprit and the matter, accomplished when we integrate heaven and earth in our bodies. We are heaven and earth, a creation of the two into a third, the child of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father. We are light creating form. We have created this wonderful dream so that we may experience life. To experience life we divided the One into two and the two into three and the three into the 10,000 things of our existence.   We would not know hot without cold or love without pain if we remained as One. We play the sexual roles of male and female and all the orientations in between until we come to the balance that we are. These are just forms that we have created. Our forms as light beings are a-sexual. As we return to Source we are balancing the two aspects of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within our beings and our bodies.

This is where the alchemical texts and the mysteries leave you hanging. They always describe this beautiful experience without explaining how. How do we achieve the Divine Marriage in our bodies? Subtle energies! We use the energy of the Divine Source infusing our bodies with this energy, filling it with heaven and earth until we are overflowing with love and spreading all around the earth and ultimately the universe.

Sound easy? It is. You allow yourself to open to the flow of Divine Source energy that is always there. As above so below, the Ancients told us. It is right in front of our eyes. It was always there and will always be there. How? With your intention you imagine a column of Divine Source energy coming down from above and entering your body through the top of your head and another column of Divine Source energy coming up from the center of the earth and coming up through your feet and spinal cord and meeting in your heart, filling your heart with Divine Source energy, spreading through your body and out into the world.

As you keep your intention and develop an every day practice what was at first just your imagination will become real. You will have incorporated this energy into your body to assist in your ascension and creating Heaven on Earth. Some of you may have a long journey and other may be ready to begin. We are all on the same path in our very own stage of the journey. There is no first or last in Oneness. We are all One. Some will be newly discovering their light centers while others will be clearing and still others will be activating their centers. It is all perfect as it is. All that is, is of the One.

To gather ourselves we must first recognize the need and then make a commitment. We have given so much of ourselves away over the ages that we are barely recognizable to our Higher Self. Our Higher Self is our God-Self. It is always with us guiding and protecting if we only ask. We begin by dumping the rocks out of our bowl. We collect all this clutter and junk in our lives and at some point we can choose to let go of it all. I can! Turn the bowl upside down and all the rocks fall out and you have a clear bowl. We can decide to let go of all that junk or we can keep it and get even deeper into it and put even more rocks into our bowl. When we get clear is when our journey begins. The Divine Source energy fills all the places the junk was taking and misplacing, making you more energized and light.

Where the intention goes the energy flows. Our thoughts create our reality. You are creating your reality right now, reading this. You are a Divine One returning to the Divine Source, the Oneness of being.

  • We are all One
  • We are all connected
  • Know Thyself
  • Be everywhere a;ways
  • Make no judgments
  • Have no expectations
  • Give up the need to know why things happen as they do
  • Separation is an illusion
  • Everything is connected
  • Our consciousness transcends time and space
  • Giving is the same as receiving
  • The universe is more like a thought than a clock
  • We can align ourselves with the flow of Divine Source energy
  • Human intention is not subject to space or time
  • Find a teacher
  • Quiet the mind the rest will come
  • Find a practice to quiet your mind
  • Practice Practice Practice
  • There are no limits
  • You are Divine
  • God/Goddess I am



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